Kid Sparrow

All things began falling
and every word became a test
and each test became a tense and took flight
fleeing the discomfort you feel when there’s no despair
within the sensuous surround securing
everyone in their place, where you need them,
justifying your greatest sin: you want everyone to be beautiful.

What true pretension,
what dangerous vulnerability,
what anarchy.

What mad anarchy—

Words and memories of friendships and freedom
and memories of the kingdom of God and God is dead and where is God
and God is here too and too many memories when you’re dying
and you can’t breathe.

Now everything steals nothing from you
and nothing keeps everything from you
and yet—yet—you’re still so free
free to keep returning or to change once or to accept ever
what is most dangerous: your endangered destiny
which must be won and worn by you alone.

All things fall away
when a kid sparrow lights out
and all the world becomes an ocean of air
before the face of God in whom all tragedies and sadness
and romances and joy join the infinite gestures of being.

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