Being Human

Long rising widening tendrils from the cave’s mouth
slowly circling up and out into a starless night sky
while deep cool breaths below a face that
secrets trows, shades, and bones
haunting a boy’s life.

It begins.

A girl’s?

Another beginning.

Up-luring of the eternal feminine into art’s inheritance—
the style of birthrights to see chains of ideas
hear claims of images touching
other changes of exchanges
delimiting a girl’s life.

Or was that how?

To begin again.
Smoke adrift in starless nights near hidden ascensions
into lost caves whose empty depths contain no
entry to temples of forgotten words or
laws that lead us back to where it
all began—no where.

Ending and beginning.

Beginning and ending?

A slow circling.



(Drawing above from notebook, c. 2008)

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